Become a Rotarian

Rotary International is the oldest service organization in the world. Since 1905, our network has grown to 33,000 clubs and 1.2 million Rotarians in more than 200 countries. These business and professional leaders volunteer their time and talents to serve communities worldwide. Our club welcomes community members who work or live in the area to visit the club and consider membership. Club Service and Membership Chairs will be available to answer questions and invite the individual to a meeting. 

Please note that membership in a Rotary club is by invitation only. Members are expected to pay club dues, attend meetings/events, and use professional skills and talents to make a difference. Yearly membership dues cover your Rotary International membership, District dues, club operating cost, and weekly breakfast meetings.

 Rotary Member Annual Dues - $465

     - These can be invoiced quarterly or paid in full annually.


There are options to add additional members of your business or family at a reduced rate.

Corporate Membership

$215 per additional corporate member


Family Membership

$190 per additional family member


Steps to get involved:

    1. Express interest in Rotary Club of West Chester/Liberty by contacting us directly, filling out this Interest Form, or attending a Friday morning breakfast meeting.
    2. Attend three breakfast meetings, meet members, and learn about our club.
    3. Speak with the Membership Committee to understand the benefits and responsibilities of joining Rotary.
    4. Fill-out the application and pay initiation fee of $150.
    5. Your application will be reviewed by the WC/L Rotary Board Members
    6. Upon approval, your initiation fee will be processed and you will be officially inducted as a Rotarian 

Direct inquiries and questions to:

Club Leaders
Club Events